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Millions of children who had to leave their country for war, conflict or other reasons had left behind their houses, friends, schools, dreams, and loved ones and had to live in a different country where they didn’t know the common language spoken. Being a refugee or asylum seeker expresses a difficult and uncertain future. In addition to the traumas before, during and after migration, refugee children face many negative factors in the country of refuge.

We are carrying out the Online Teacher Support Program with the cooperation of the Citizen’s Assembly since 2017 to contribute to the social integration of school-age Syrian refugee children who are under the temporary protection regime in Turkey. The program aims to prevent discrimination against these children by creating the foundations of coexistence, especially in schools. Through this program, we aim to support classroom teachers, branch teachers and guidance counselors who work in public schools at primary-middle-high school level and who have immigrant / refugee students in their classes / schools.

The thematic areas where Online Teacher Support Program will be focused are:

  • The right to education of migrant and refugee children
  • Inclusive education and preventing discrimination
  • Planning teaching / learning processes for students whose native language is not Turkish
  • Teaching in difficult conditions, working with traumatized children
  • Democratic and participatory classroom management
  • Measurement of the gains of immigrant and refugee students



DVV International

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


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