beraberce Xchange Program: Sites of Memory

About Project

beraberce Xchange Program: Sites of Memory” supports people who are interested in collective memory, remembering, forgetting and confrontation and those who believe that memory and conscience spaces can contribute to democratization, benefit from experience in the world, exchange of experience and information and it aims them to move this experience to Turkey.

beraberce Xchange Program encourages young people to work in the field of memory sites. It supports the young people who are speak the language or languages requested by the host institution, working/desiring on memory sites as a professional, volunteer or activist and transfer experiences in memory sites around the world to the field Turkey.

Participants of Beraberce Xchange Program, after the experience process allows the spread of experience by organizing Experience Sharing Workshop in various provinces of Turkey. During the volunteering process, participants share their experiences in Turkish and English with their blog writing. When all participants complete the volunteering process, their blog writings are published as a book.

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